For over four decades, the National Agricultural Development Company "NADEC" has successfully achieved significant advancements in the food industry through a series of strategic transformations, goals, and development plans. This has positioned NADEC among the most important Saudi and regional companies leading in the production and distribution of food and beverages. In recent years, NADEC has been supported by the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in the field of food security. This support has enabled the company to fulfill its pioneering national role since the 1980s in contributing to achieving self-sufficiency for the Saudi food market. NADEC was the first agricultural company to be listed on the Saudi stock market



To deliver products with high nutritional value to consumers, we strive to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction, aiming to attain regional and global leadership in the food industry sector. This positively reflects on the image and economic position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to contributing to raising the level of domestic production, aligning with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.



To commit to providing products with beneficial nutritional value and exceptional quality that meet the needs and aspirations of customers and beneficiaries


Our values are the fundamental pillar of our business and the principles that shape our corporate culture. They align with all our practices, orientations, and policies through which we seek to create value for everyone who interacts with NADEC.


Historical Overview

43 Years of Achievement and Leadership in the Sustainable Food Market

By royal decree, NADEC's journey began with a capital of 400 million riyals, establishing itself as...

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NADEC took its first steps in the journey of agricultural development with the establishment of the...

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Continuing the journey of growth and development, 1984 witnessed the opening of the first factory...

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Opening of the Hail Agricultural Project and expansion into agricultural products and foods.


The beginning of packaging milk and its derivatives on the company's production line.


followed by the expansion of its agricultural projects in 1987 with the opening of the Al-Jouf...

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NADEC started the concentrated olive production project, confirming the continuous development of...

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The company expanded by expanding the cheese factory and started producing fresh juices in the new...

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NADEC's scope of activity expanded with the Sudan Agricultural Project, adding a new canvas to the... Read more
The model Al-Hazm Dairy Farm was opened, enhancing NADEC's position as an integrated agricultural... Read more
NADEC witnessed a new beginning, during which the features of an important agreement were drawn... Read more
NADEC took another step towards the future by choosing a new strategic partner, as a promising... Read more
The year 2023 marked a new dawn for NADEC, witnessing a new chapter in its exceptional journe.

NADEC Strategy 2023-2027

At the beginning of 2023, we launched our ambitious strategy until 2027 as part of NADEC's transformation plans for the upcoming years. The strategy aims to achieve a qualitative leap in the food industry and actively contribute to the equation of self-sufficiency and food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on three fundamental criteria: sustainability, growth, and health. NADEC's strategy primarily focuses on developing food projects based on quality and sustainability, operational excellence, localizing modern food industry technologies and methods, and training and developing national competencies and cadres. The goal is to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in food security as outlined in Vision 2030. The strategy also relies on well-studied implementation and operational plans to achieve the set objectives. These objectives include developing sustainable agricultural and animal projects, investing in various new sectors and products, and attracting new customers and markets both within and outside the Kingdom.

NADEC projects

Hail Project

Hail project

The Hail project is an agricultural and livestock project owned and managed by the NADEC...
Wadi Al-Dawasir Project

Wadi Al-Dawasir Project

The Wadi Al-Dawasir project is a large-scale agricultural project located in the Wadi Al...
مشروع حرض

Haradh Project

The Haradh project is one of the most important and largest projects of NADEC, a leading...
مشروع الجوف

Al-Jouf Project

The Al-Jouf project is one of NADEC's exceptional projects, especially since the project...