Contributing to Achieving Saudi Vision 2030 Targets for Food Security

We play a vital role in achieving the Saudi Vision 2030 targets for food security and self-sufficiency in the Saudi market for food products and industries.

A Promising Strategy for Market and Product Expansion and Entering New Food Sectors

Our strategy focuses on expanding into new markets and products, as well as entering new food sectors to achieve financial sustainability, build local and global partnerships, and diversify our investment portfolios.

Achieving the Highest Global Sustainability Standards Across Various Business Sectors

We strive to achieve the highest global sustainability standards across various business sectors by adopting modern technologies, increasing the use of renewable energy, and promoting recycling.

Strengthening Social Responsibility Standards and Embedding Them Within Our Strategic Goals

We are committed to strengthening social responsibility standards and integrating them into our strategic goals through initiatives like "Contract Farming," increasing awareness, supporting farmers, and developing national competencies.

Local, Regional, and Global Awards and Accolades Earned by Our Various Products

As a leading Saudi and regional brand in the food industry, our diverse products have earned numerous local, regional, and global awards and accolades.


For over four decades, the National Agricultural Development Company "NADEC" has successfully achieved significant advancements in the food industry through a series of strategic transformations, goals, and development plans. This has positioned NADEC among the most important Saudi and regional companies leading in…

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Our values are the fundamental pillar of our business and the principles that shape our corporate culture. They align with all our practices, orientations, and policies through which we seek to create value for everyone who interacts with NADEC


Our products

"NADEC's basket of food products stands out for its diversity, quality, and purity sourced from rich natural landscapes and diverse geographical environments across our farms and facilities throughout the Kingdom. Utilizing sustainable food technologies, we aim to deliver healthy and delicious products that satisfy the tastes of consumers within and beyond the Kingdom."

NADEC in Numbers

NADEC is one of the leading companies locally, regionally, and globally in the food industry. It was the first agricultural company to be listed on the Saudi stock market nearly 44 years ago. NADEC is known for the quality and diversity of its products and its position as one of the most important food companies in the Kingdom that contributes to achieving self-sufficiency and food security within Vision 2030.

اختبار جودة يومياً

+ 20000

Quality testing daily

مليون لتر يومياً من الألبان والعصائر

+ 1.5

One million liters daily of dairy and juices

مركز ومنفذ توزيع داخل وخارج المملكة

+ 35000

A distribution center and outlet inside and outside the Kingdom

Awards highlights

جائزة الملك عبد العزيز للمصنع المثالي

King Abdulaziz Award for Ideal Factory

“NADEC” received the King Abdulaziz Award for the Ideal Factory (2000 AD). The award is given based on the rules and foundations upon which industrial activities are...

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جائزة "بيول" العالمية

Biol International Prize

“Nadec” olive oil received the “BioL International Award”, an award presented by the International Research Center for Comprehensive Quality Testing, based in Italy...

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Consumer Protection Association Award

Consumer Protection Association Award

Nadec is the first national company to obtain a consumer sustainability certificate from the Consumer Protection Association.

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jar cheese

Best Cream Cheese in the Gulf

NADEC has obtained the certificate for the best cream cheese in the Gulf, confirming the superiority and quality of its dairy products.

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Nadec Secures " Best Achievement in Business Process Management Program 2024" Award Amidst Global Competition

Nadec, through its Digital and Technology sector, has been honored with the prestigious " Best Achievement in Business Process Management Program 2024”. This accolade recognizes the company's...

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Nadec signs a long-term lease agreement

Nadec Signs Long-Term Lease Agreement with “ARDCO” to lease Refrigerated and Frozen Warehouses

Nadec signed a long-term lease agreement with Riyadh Development Company (ARDCO ) to lease refrigerated and frozen Warehouses at Riyadh Development Market in Azizia, south of Riyadh city. The new...

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نادك الحج

NADEC Increases Readiness to Provide Food Products in Mecca for the Pilgrims

Nadec has increased its readiness to supply its food products in Mecca and the holy sites, serving the pilgrims of the holy house of Allah for the year 1445 AH. The main Nadec distribution center in...

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"نادك" تنظم فعالية لمنسوبيها لتذوق منتجات الحليب الجديدة.. وسط تفاعل من المشاركين

Nadec Organizes an Event for Employees to Taste New Milk Products Amid Enthusiastic Participation

Nadec, represented by its Sales and Distribution Sector, organized a special event for its employees to celebrate the launch of several new milk products with new flavors and specifications. The new...

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