Vision and Goals

We are committed to supporting our community through sustainable values, initiatives and programs that serve and meet the needs and requirements of our society, in accordance with NADEC's CSR strategy and Vision 2030.


At NADEC, we believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility through purposeful initiatives that contribute to community development, raise awareness among target groups, and develop programs that align with the needs and requirements of NADEC's community and partners. Our most prominent objectives are as follows:
1. Serving the Community
•    Contributing to the Development of the Local Community: We aim to enhance the quality of life for residents through various development projects.
•    Supporting Those in Need: Providing essential support to underprivileged groups within the community.
•    Assisting Individuals with Special Needs: Ensuring that individuals with special needs receive the necessary resources and support.
•    Providing Employment Opportunities: Creating job opportunities to foster economic growth and stability.
2. Promoting Positive Values
•    Cooperation: Encouraging teamwork and mutual support within the community.
•    Tolerance: Promoting understanding and acceptance of diverse perspectives.
•    Respect: Fostering a culture of respect in all interactions.
•    The Importance of Volunteering: Highlighting the value of giving back to the community through volunteer work.
3. Raising Awareness
•    Enhancing Awareness of Sustainable Development: Educating the community on the importance of sustainability.
•    Health: Promoting healthy lifestyles and practices.
•    Environment: Raising awareness about environmental conservation.
•    Education: Supporting educational initiatives to improve literacy and knowledge.
•    Charitable Work: Encouraging participation in charitable activities.
4. Supporting Talents by Encouraging Creativity and Innovation
•    Sports Talents: Identifying and nurturing athletic abilities.
•    Literary Talents: Supporting writers and literary artists.
•    Scientific Talents: Encouraging scientific research and innovation.
5. Strengthening the Relationship between the Company and the Community
•    Building Trust and Fostering a Sense of Belonging: Developing strong, trust-based relationships with community members.
•    Ensuring the Achievement of Community Solidarity: Promoting unity and collective well-being.
•    Supporting Economic Empowerment Programs: Empowering various segments of society, including both men and women, through economic initiatives.