Food Culture

NADEC: A Role Model in Serving the Community with World-Class Quality Food Products
As one of the leading national and regional companies in the food manufacturing industry, NADEC is dedicated to enhancing food awareness and promoting a balanced lifestyle within the community. Through organizing awareness campaigns and educational events, Nadec not only raises food awareness but also ensures the delivery of high-quality food products that meet global specifications and standards.
Our Main Standards:
•    Global Quality: To promote a safe and healthy food culture, NADEC focuses on three main standards to ensure product quality and manufacturing processes.
•    Raw Material Control: The quality of raw materials is rigorously verified before use in manufacturing. They are tested to ensure they meet the required standards.
•    Process Control: Manufacturing processes are meticulously controlled to ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards.
•    Inspection and Testing: Products undergo thorough inspection and testing at various stages of the manufacturing process.
NADEC strives to be a role model in the industry by consistently delivering high-quality food products to the community and maintaining its commitment to global food safety standards.