Investor Relations

Investor Relations

NADEC is a significant investment gateway in the food security sector in the Kingdom. It is continuously working to attract investors and empower them through its website by offering access to all company-related information. It offers them the opportunity to read the latest news and updates related to investments and shareholders in the company. Through this platform, investors can access comprehensive information about the company's performance, current projects, and future initiatives. The information is regularly updated to ensure the availability of the most recent financial data, strategic reports, and guidance for investors

Why Invest in NADEC?

Experience, Diversity, Sustainability, Expansion, Quality

In all its projects, NADEC relies on a number of key pillars that constitute an integrated system of modern strategic directions in leading and growing the food industry sector. The company aims to meet consumer needs with a commitment to providing competitive products according to sustainable standards. These pillars are represented in:

التميز في الجودة

Excellence in quality

We at “NADEC” work to continue excellence in quality, and we are proud of our certificates and…



At NADEC, we are committed to sustainability and developing our products to continue as a leading…



Diversity is the key to creativity and continuity in the food industry, so Nadec is proud to offer…



This is because NADEC is a leading company in the food products industry in the Kingdom of Saudi…



This is to enhance our leadership role in the market, through innovation and meeting consumer needs…

Investment Advantages

As a leading and specialized company in the nutrition sector, investing in NADEC adds value for all shareholders. Investors with us enjoy several advantages, the most important of which are:

Sustainable competitive advantages

NADEC has succeeded in developing competitive advantages that enable it to outperform local and international companies in the market. These advantages include: the quality of its products, its ... Read more

Customer and consumer confidence

Thanks to competitive advantages and high quality of products, Nadec has gained the trust of customers and consumers, as this trust is considered an important factor in business sustainability and ... Read more

Continuous development plans

Nadec relies on continuous development plans to improve and expand the scope of its business. These plans aim to develop new products and double the number of distribution branches to meet the needs ... Read more

A proven track record of resilient and profitable growth

Nadec has a proven track record of resilient and profitable growth, which reflects its success in managing the business and achieving significant financial returns for investors.

Integrated distribution network

Nadec has an integrated distribution network that extends locally and globally, which helps it provide products and services to customers in various markets, and enhances its ability to be present in ... Read more

An experienced and highly efficient management team

NADEC has an experienced management team familiar with the financial, commercial and operational aspects of the nutrition sector, and contributes to making appropriate strategic decisions to achieve ... Read more

Corporate Governance

We take pride in adopting an accredited corporate governance system at NADEC that aligns with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Regulations. Our system focuses on transparency, disclosure, the role of the Board of Directors, protection of shareholders' rights, and social and environmental responsibility. These practices aim to ensure effective and sustainable management of the company and protect the interests of all stakeholders. Key Achievements of the Governance Department in 2024

Amending company policies in line with corporate governance regulations

The company's policies and charters, including internal regulations, have been amended and updated in line with best practices and regulatory requirements for corporate governance as set by the ... Read more

Operational framework

The process of developing and implementing various operational policies, in addition to establishing standard operating procedures, contributes to facilitating and organizing business activities ... Read more

Determine and update the table of powers

The table of powers has been defined and updated at two levels: 1- At the company level to manage the affairs of the Board of Directors and its committees. 2- At the level of delegation of operational ... Read more

Highlighting sustainability

We have begun developing the initial report on NADEC's environmental, social and governance practices, demonstrating our commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives.

Effectiveness of meetings

The meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees were managed successfully, as the scheduling of meetings was simplified, and the preparation and distribution of materials, including ... Read more

Experience in issuing priority rights

The entire rights issue project was supervised, including the legal due diligence study, submitting the issuance application, preparing the prospectus, and updating the documents, which ensured the ... Read more

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