When was Nadec established and registered as a Saudi joint-stock company?

Recognizing the importance of the agricultural sector as one of the key components of the national economy and its contribution to food security, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made the wise political decision to initiate a comprehensive agricultural renaissance. This involved the establishment of large agricultural projects and the encouragement of the private sector to play a primary and significant role in this development. One of the first fruits of this policy was the founding of the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) by Royal Decree issued in 1401 AH (1981 AD). This decree transformed Haradh Agricultural and Animal Production Company into the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC), making it the first agricultural joint-stock company in the Saudi Capital Market.

When NADEC's financial statements issued?

The financial statements are available on 31 December every year.

Is NADEC a joint-stock company?

Yes, NADEC is a joint-stock company listed with the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) in Riyadh. Salic owns 38.648% of the company's shares.