CEO's Message

At the National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC), we take immense pride in our national role and exceptional contribution to strengthening and supporting the Kingdom's food security strategy, achieving self-sufficiency, and fostering economic diversity, all within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030. This is especially true given NADEC's promising strategy, future plans, and directions, well-studied investments, diverse and high-quality products, and expansion into new and varied markets, both within and outside the Kingdom.

I am confident that the ongoing development and modernization process, the exceptional successes, and the outstanding achievements that have been realized over the past few years at NADEC will continue at an accelerated pace and with steady strides. This is based on a well-thought-out strategy, an ambitious vision, purposeful national, societal, and humanitarian values, financial sustainability, investment ideas, and smart technologies. Our goal is to achieve our national objectives of establishing a regional and global presence in the food industry, based on an integrated system of creativity, innovation, excellence, sustainability, social responsibility, and leadership. These are authentic national values and orientations for which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been known, under our wise government, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister (may God protect them).
One of the key factors contributing to NADEC's achievements and strong performance indicators since the implementation of its new strategy is the presence of a distinguished group of national and international talents across various company locations. These individuals bring with them accumulated experiences spanning over four decades, which have significantly contributed to the quality and excellence of NADEC's operations. NADEC is the first agricultural company to be listed on the Saudi stock market. It is also one of the pioneering Saudi agricultural companies established in the early 1980s. The company's inception was driven by the goal of achieving food security in the Kingdom and contributing significantly to Saudi Arabia's leadership in efforts to improve regional and global food security through the application of cutting-edge technologies in the food industry.
In this context, I affirm our commitment at NADEC to developing all electronic services and various customer service channels to provide an exceptional experience for beneficiaries. This initiative aims to offer all users and customers easy access to the information, services, data, and figures they need and want to view. It also facilitates quick communication with the company's officials and specialists.