NADEC's Community Partnership

Sustainable Footprint. Thriving Community.

 Some Initiatives we have launched:

•  International Childhood Cancer Day Campaign: As part of our commitment to supporting young heroes and their families, we actively participate in the "International Childhood Cancer Day" campaign. This initiative aims to contribute to their journey towards healing and hope.

• Food Safety Training: In collaboration with LEK Consulting, we are funding 30 trainees to attend a specialized training course on "Food Safety Essentials." This initiative reflects our dedication to raising food safety awareness and ensuring food safety within the community.

• Support for Children with Disabilities: We are contributing to the care and treatment costs for three children at the "Association of Children with Disabilities," demonstrating our commitment to supporting vulnerable members of our community.

• Participating in National Day celebrations by distributing over 24,000 packages of NADEC food products.

•Supporting charitable organizations, associations of PoD, sports activities, health events, and other local community entities.